Maas Waterfront

Maas Waterfront is taken from the suite of pieces 'Of Steel and Water:The city tunes itself', commissioned by Soundtrackcity in association with the 2012 International Film Festival Rotterdam. 

The suite, comprising 5 pieces with narration and introduction, is intended to function as a sound walk with headphones and media player along a specific route on the Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam. 

Somewhere between a traditional sound walk and a composed soundtrack, it 'uses sounds from the city, not the vibrations that bounce of the countless new surfaces, but the interior resonance, usually unheard, of things old and new.

Maas Waterfront starts the suite and leads the audience from the starting point, the cinema Lanteren Venster, to and along the riverside of the Maas onto the Rijnhaven dock. It features hydrophone recordings made in the river and the dock as well as contact mike recordings of features found along this section of the walk. 

For the sake of a pleasant home-listening experience, the version presented here does not include narrated guidance!