Egg Fry #2

Egg Fry #2, 15th March 2005. Originally released as a ltd edition Cdr on Cathnor Recordings, May 2009 (CV006).

In part, inspired by Chris Watsons' Cracking Viscera (from Outside the circle of fire, TO:37, a recording of a zebra carcass, flies and nine vultures), this stereo recording to minidisc of an egg frying was made in the kitchen of my home in Prestwich, near Manchester. 

I used a pair of cheap electret-condenser mikes from maplin (RIP!), these were the only mikes I've used that were capable of withstanding the heat around the frying pan. Since then, they have both ceased to function. Because of this, it is my second and currently last recording of an egg frying and cooling down.  

Apart form some rather annoying traffic noise (almost unavoidable, as I live near a main road and a motorway junction), I was astounded, upon re-listening, at the level and density of sonic activity within this 'sound-scape in a pan'. Repetitive sound events introduce themselves then develop and morph through time, new events emerge leading to a subtle crescendo, then slowly fade as the ring, pan and egg cool.