international, intersdisciplinary artists share expertise and write new works at toph. in partnership with Newcastle University. Supported by Arts Council England.


Lee PAtterson - September 2017

A phenomenal music mind, a compositional and improvisational wizard and genius instrument builder. Lee Patterson's public workshop held at Culture Lab, Newcastle University, proved very popular to students and local artists alike. Following a performance lecture in the studio, Lee lead a large group on a walk to record found objects and metal scaffolding, with a short stop at Exhibition Park to listen specifically to Water Boatmen insects in the lake.

Lee performed later that evening, a rare opportunity to see his improvisation, using his own microphones and instruments at TOPH to a packed and appreciative audience.

As part of Lee's residency, he worked with TOPH Collective and Swarm Front, discussing his previous approaches to collaborative composition in film scoring, working with graphic scores and facilitated a workshop which composed Swarm Front's riotous festival opening performance 'Development Hell' at TUSK 2018.

Luke Poot - November 2017

Brace yourself. 

Performer, composer, entertainer extraordinaire... not much else to say, more about taking part.


Luke Poot spent time developing a performance workshop and an alternative live performance at Newcastle University and TOPH.  Using dictaphones, CDs, mini discs, a shop till drawer and handmade attire, the bespoke performances of the unique and underestimated Poot never fail to inspire. Luke spent time developing ideas with TOPHC and working through ideas for a new theatre project in 2018. Thanks to Stuart Arnot for facilitating a question and answer session post-workshop.



Letitia Pleiades - Sep-Nov 2017

The marvellous Julia Scott aka Letitia Pleiades spent copious time working on improvisation, djing, vocals and composition with TOPHC and Mariam Rezaei. 

Julia's residency resulted in two remarkable performances at TUSK Fringe 2018 with Mariam as MJ and supporting Luke Poot with Mariam and Sue Fitzgerald.  

Julia's unique approach to performance and improvisation involves throrough research and development, which TOPHC have taken onboard, with plans to continue working with Julia in 2018 and onwards.

Catch Julia and Mariam performing together soon at GIF and Counterflows in April 2018.





Hybrid vibes of BLF, SF, Kleevex, Wrest, Mat Con, Noisey B, Mariam on the run


Dec 1st, TOPH Meet The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield

The Old Police House, now door closed and primed for gentro-fi rehabilitation, was an incredible DIY agitator and physical entity that existed for a whirlwind few years in Gateshead. Run by Mariam Rezaei and Adam Denton (Trans/Human), TOPH saw some incredible nights and acts come through, and out of its doors: Opal Tapes, Yaxu, Yeah You, Helm, Letitia Pleiades, The South Yorkshire Mick Hucknall, xname, Richard Dawson, Guttersnipe, Chris Watson, Rian Treanor, Negative Midas Touch, Ilan Volkov, No Form, John Doran to name but a few. They've now found somewhere new to reside, but in hte midst of the move, a nomad offshoot was spawned to hurtle round the UK on a brief tour.


We present - another space, in our space. In line with Hybrid Vigour's recent sojourn on the last night of the original TOPH, and akin to the 'takeover', Audacious is proud to present the finest crop of irritants and creatures from the Old Police House.


Dec 2nd TOPH / Adrena Adrena @ Fuse Arts Space

M@BU - Music at Bradford University presents:

The Old Police House
Gateshead’s experimental music hub hits the road with varying formations plus large improvising ensemble ft. Mariam Rezaei, Swarmfront, Blue Lamp Foundation, Kleevex, SW1N Hunter, Mark Wardlaw, Wrest, Gwilly Edmondez, Faye Macalman and local artist Andy Abbott.

Adrena Adrena
Brighton live music and visuals duo ft. filmmaker Daisy Dickinson and Japan’s Boredoms drummer E-Da Kazuhisa

At Fuse Art Space, 5-7 Rawson Place, Bradford BD1 3QQ

£7 /£5 concessions plus Pay As You Feel available. 7:30pm doors. Tickets from

Part of the public programme for the exhibition Full Scale: Art's Use in the Real World at Gallery II, University of Bradford. Supported by University of Bradford and Arts Council England. More info




Dec 8th, TOPH X SLIP,

TOPH @ Workplace, Gateshead

TOPH is bringing in SLIP; an imprint operating from London/Berlin, and now Newcastle, releasing exploratory work negotiating the fringes of new instrumental and electronic music. 

Together, we are bringing you...


Still House Plants are a three-piece collective based in Glasgow. Obscured melodies and minimal song structures are suffused with light and silence. Shambling rhythms, pulsing chords, and lilting vocals undulate sincerely between sound, space, and the haptic.

"The group’s consciously sparse use of their instruments within four simplistic repetitive songs is immensely satisfying, and the general tone is consistently soft and beautiful. To boot, it’s all somehow bathed in glorious light rather than Glaswegian damp and grey. Experimental songwriting is very rarely this successful or approachable, save perhaps the likes of Robert Wyatt’s ‘Sea Song’ or perhaps more pertinently, the Velvet Underground’s ‘Heroin'." – The Quietus


Impossibility Knox started life as a talency agents emanating from out the seventies collecting voices ad infinitum in a rust-bubbled Qual-St tin. Until they realised talent is a myth and taste is of shit.

Now they are Odie Ji Ghast and Gwilly Edmondez marauding for loans, spurred on by their combined obsession with Sting and Elton, the music is vocals over the top but knitted up into a people of people-persons which house a number of prepared patterns that emanate from a criminal mentality but embrace all manner of groove-space party-ism too, endless collections of debris stored in A4 file envelopes. I’m also thinking of the deep freeze gig venue installation. It could be done very practically and simply: always have some gloves to collect the stuff and always have, say, 20 baggies into which to put things, then simply seal and keep ready for the ‘release.’ Cheapest and simplest option: to get Graham to show me how to use the photocopier to produce ready-stapled copies of booklets. Or find someone who can do it mechanically and cheap…

Impossibility Knox spew your ejax into folds of favourited lining; taffeta. They are currently applying for a bursary to re-enact Stanley Spencer portraits but with the bare noise marked by chemical incurrences that may or may not be hard.


Laurie Tompkins writes and performs playful, erratic music for instruments and electronics. Since 2014’s Handy, where he reimagined hillbilly banjo music with guitarist David Bainbridge from within a portable, battery-powered light installation by Dori Deng, he increasingly performs in his own work. Laurie has squealed his way through disruptive, desperate pieces at London’s Cafe Oto, Aarhus’ Radar, and regularly in smaller venues in Berlin and Manchester. He has also had commissions performed at the LSO Soundhub scheme in London and been broadcast on BBC Radio 3.


Post-Tusk Fringe and with plenty more subwoofers, Letitia Pleiades wraps up her residency with TOPH with a blow out hybrid vocal-beat- dj set with Mariam.

25 minute breakdown cover. 
Build up a profile, destroy reputation.

(bio will appear here)


BYOB & BYOFiver to pay in with


Dec 15th, The Old Dentists, London TOPH with Trans/Human

Straight from the back streets of Gateshead, The Old Police House are coming.

FOREST OF EYES on a mission to rescue folktronica from the blahs

We got KLEEVEX with awesome skwonk and smooth saxing courtesy of Will Edmondes and Faye Macalman. Fill ya boots.

WREST, solo Jamie Stuart unleashed in London. Last gig involved a pneumatic drill, bass amps and a police car watching the ‘community art’ before nicking kids on the rob. Priceless. 

TRANS/HUMAN are long time collaborators Adam Denton and Luke Twyman. No strangers to noise or London. Do it.

SWARM FRONT: a quasi-amorphous collective of sonic and cultural dissidents and anti-creatives. Weaponising the banality of liberal institutions, they use text and sound to construct crude folk-magick hexes against the bastions of reasonable culture. Fresh from ripping TUSK Festival a new arse hole, they’re coming to London Town.


Dec 16th, BBC Centre, Swansea







short, sweet, and epiczz


7.00 pm Drysau / Doors
7.30pm Cychwyn / Prompt start